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Have Big Ideas and
Even Bigger D

let Japan Optics utilize our 50 years of quality optical expertise and extensive industry insights to make these ideas and dreams reality

Perfect Combination of Japanese Craftsmanship , German Design and American Engineering

Japan Optics mixes the best of Japanese Craftsmanship, German Engineering, and US Design to bring high-quality product at an exceptional price.  With a US-based team at your disposal, we bring 50 years of combined industry expertise along with 50 years of State of the Art manufacturing capabilities.  We will guide and support you through the OEM experience.  Our unique strategy gives you access to a full line of sports optics as well as the ability to tailor your riflescopes to your specific needs.  We do this by offering two options, “Design-to-build” which allows you to design your scope from the ground up, or “Ready-to-Build”, which starts with your choice of our base models and then enhancing them via a unique “menu’ style customization.  It’s your choice, and JOL is here to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

State of the Art Production Equipment with Proprietary Technologies

At Japan Optics we excel in bringing new products to market quickly and efficiently.  From our state of the art CNC machining equipment to our high tech lens coating process we have the capability to satisfy any quality requirement and to produce scopes that perform in any application.

Our comprehensive Manufacturer's warranty will give you and your customer ease of mind

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