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A Promise Made 50 Year Ago

Japan Optics began its journey as a simple machinery workshop on the outskirt of Tokyo, Japan in the 1960s.  Once known as HAKKO, Japan Optics has worked alongside with many firearms and riflescope manufacturers around the world. The founders of Japan Optics believed in providing exceptional value for the customers. We are very keen on keeping that promise. Japan Optics aims to offer unbeatable value and quality in every riflescope, red dot, and sports optic product we make.

Japan Optics is an OEM manufacturer that combines German engineering with Japanese craftsmanship and American design, allowing companies to quickly and affordably add custom optics to their product line. All of this is accomplished while maintaining competitive pricing, smaller unit requirement, and unbeatable service.

Unlike other OEM sources, our team of experienced hunters and shooters understand the market and will facilitate a smooth OEM process.

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